Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gone Manny Gone

I'm disappointed. I've always been a big fan of Manny's and believe that the majority of criticisms stem from minor misunderstandings and media hype.
Goodbye, Manny. Thanks for the hits, the memories, the fun, and the World Series victories.


Anonymous said...

I know it seemed inevitable, but I kinda can't believe it. What a bummer. I guess I ll have to cheer on the power house rays in the playoffs.....:(

Anonymous said...

That's crazy talk, Ry. I think it was a smart move. I like the fresh blood. They needed a change... Did you guys see the headline battle? This one won: MANNY OVERBOARD!

ALso, Eileen: have you ever seen Youk's blog? its out-dated and inactive, but he is so cute how he writes about going to Japan and eating sushi! I love Youk. He's my favorite, by far.

I might try to go to Fenway Monday.

eileen said...

Bri, I hadn't seen Youk's blog before. It's way better than Shilling's!

Here's a hilarious Manny-related article my blog friend Sarah posted