Friday, October 09, 2009

Down Under

I made it to Australia. The flight was...long, but not terrible. The plane was packed with middle-aged Canadians athletes on their way to the Masters World Games in Sydney and everyone was quite friendly and pleasant. After a long back-up at customs, Kris met me at the airport and we headed off to explore Sydney- in the pouring rain. The city does have a bit of a British feel to it, and the residents have adorable accents and sure do love meat pies. Here are a couple of photos I took of the Opera House (it really is stunning, and has almost a pearly gleam to it when the sun does come out) and some creepy bats in the botanical garden. I've got one more day to explore the city and then we head off on our Outback adventure- Adelaide to Alice Springs to Uluru (a.k.a. Ayers Rock). I can't wait!


Caro said...

Eileen..already there!! I can't believe it. enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Kevin said...

Have fun in Oz. I love the bats in the botanical garden. Are you driving the outback or flying to Alice Springs? Have fun.

Maria said...

those bats are creepy!