Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving recipes

This year, my sister Eri, BIL Ryan, cousin Eric and I all celebrated the holiday in San Diego. My grandmother dubbed it "Thanksgiving West" whereas the rest of the family was part of "Thanksgiving East," like some bizzaro turkey eating offshoot of the old East Side West Side rap rivalry. Two recipes we tried out were big hits:

1. Pumpkin Ice Cream Torte, from Cooking Light. I made it with lactose-free vanilla ice cream from Breyers (OMG YUM!), which was super exciting because I hadn't eaten ice cream cake in like, decades. You have to make it the night before you plan to eat it, and it does take some time for each layer to set, but it's really easy. And really fantastic. Wah-lah!

2. We also made these tasty Sparkling Cranberry Tea Cocktails, which would be an excellent addition to any fall or winter gathering in need of a refreshing alcoholic beverage.

and just because I think it's funny:


The Kmac said...

You should hold up a sign that says "HIT" in the same font next to that "DIPS". Comedy gold.

eileen said...

hahaha! next time i get a group of people to pose in front of a DIPS sign, we will totally do that!

Liz said...

My company makes Breyers... Keep writing about it and make my bonus reasonable please!!!

eileen said...

Liz- I love Breyers! They have a factory on my parents' street (for reals) and their vanilla is the bomb. Like, a hundred times better than soy ice cream for us lactose-intolerant folk.