Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dandenong Ranges

This past weekend lasted an extra day due to ANZAC Day, which is essentially Australia's version of Veterans Day. These Australian state holidays feel like bonus days off to me, kind of like when we used to get the Jewish holidays off from school- not my holiday, but I'll take it! D and I headed up to the Dandenong Ranges for a couple of days of nature and relaxation. Highlights included:

Me driving on the left, yeah yeah!! It wasn't so hard to stay on the left side of the road as it was to get used to things in the car being in the wrong place. I kept turning on the windshield wipers instead of the blinker and looking up and to the right instead of to the left for the rearview mirror. However, aside from one itty bitty incident when I kinda sorta drove off the road, I think I did quite well.

I heard and saw a kookaburra (pictured above). Their call really does sound like crazy laughing. Now all that remains on my wildlife list is the elusive echidna.

Devonshire tea. Popular in that part of Victoria, it's tea served with warm scones, jam, and whipped cream. YES PLEASE.

Creepy statues at the William Ricketts Sanctuary. Eccentric man moves into the woods and creates hundreds of statues that reflect his personal philosophies about nature and religion. Said philosophies involve bearded men and Aboriginal children's heads growing out of rocks. Work of a madman living in the forest or a state park? You decide. (I vote the former.)

More pictures:
Devonshire tea, creepy statues, and me and D (who, contrary to photographic evidence, does not dress like a Sith Lord. A gust of wind provided that special effect.) on top of Mount Dandenong.


Suldog said...

Certainly is an interesting sculptor, in any case.

Kris said...

I've seen about that Sanctuary on some garden program before. Cree. Pee.

Do you think kookaburras sound like monkeys? Whenever I hear them, it's like that generic "jungle sound" that I always associated with monkeys growing up.

And I'm glad you brought up the Sith Lord thing, because I was so going to say it. He looks like he's about to shoot lightning at the photographer!

Anonymous said...

Hey, who's that guy? I'm totally friending him on Facebook to find out the scoop.

eileen said...

My older sister: no longer as stealthy about snooping as she used to be :)

Caro said...

finally D. nice to see him!