Friday, August 08, 2008


Happy Friday, everyone!
The Olympics start today- maybe I've just been wrapped up with other things, but I haven't really gotten into this year's summer games yet. I'll probably catch a few events over the weekend, though.

Things that I am into:
The Clark Rockefeller case. Rich divorced dad (with no custody rights) kidnaps daughter during a supervised visit in downtown Boston. Father and daughter found several days later in Baltimore. Here's where things get interesting....Rockefeller appears to be a classic con man. The reason why he wasn't granted any custody rights is that he refused to prove his identity in court. Now he's linked to the murder of a California couple back in 1985....they disappeared at the same time as their socialite tenant, whose story bears a striking resemblance to Rockefeller's. Here's the Globe page with all of the links. And here's my favorite sentence written about the case:
"In Cornish, N.H., where he and his wife lived, he appeared to many as a man of leisure, who often could be found gliding down his street on a Segway, dressed in gray slacks, blue shirt, and a bow tie. "


Also obsessed with: the anthrax case. Suspect microbiologist Bruce Ivins killed himself before he was arrested, so I guess we'll never really know if he did it or not. Looks like he did, though. But then again, the FBI was wrong once before, and the government ended up paying out $5 million in a lawsuit to a previously accused microbiologist.

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Tina said...

Being Chinese, I am super obsessed with this day. Tons of article referring 8/8/08 as being an auspicious day for us Chinos. 8 in Mandarin is ba, sounding very similar to fa for prosperity. having a Chinese dumpling party to watch the olympic opening ceremony at 8:08:08 on 8/8/08. too much? 22,000 couples have registered to get married today, compared to 5000 weddings on a Friday in August. My friend says that a lot of Asian couples are opting for C-sections today. interesting, no??