Sunday, May 23, 2010

My June Project: InLeWrMo (note to self: come up with better acronym)

What has turned out to be the most troublesome aspect of living in Australia isn't the distance per se, it's the fourteen hour time difference between Melbourne and Boston that makes it difficult to find a good time to Skype or call- usually at least one party is either sleeping or at work. Sure, there's always email, but I've decided to revert to the old fashioned way of keeping in touch: letter writing. I've always had a penchant for stationery and stamps (and even participated in a stamp collecting club as a kid- nerd alert!), and hey, everyone likes letters. It's nice to find something other than bills and credit card offers in the mail.
Like most people, I have the tendency to procrastinate, and often when I come up with ideas like "hey, I should write more letters!" they don't ever come to fruition. So I'm issuing myself a challenge. If you're a blogger you probably know that November is NaBloPoMo, a.k.a. National Blog Posting Month. I've declared June as InLeWriMo- International Letter Writing Month, in which participants (me) will write a letter every day for the whole month. Feel free to join in, or if you'd like to receive a letter from me, email me your address. I'd also welcome suggestions for a better acronyms and perhaps a slogan. It's better in a letter? Nothing says you're a champ like a stamp.


danimal said...

I'm a big fan of postcards, and I would love a Oz one, you could do InPoCaMo (sounds like an 80s Beach Boys song), hit me up:
1949 7th Ave Apt C3
NY, NY 10026

Meghan said...

If you write me one from Australia, I'll write you one from Denmark! (I don't have my address yet...but will let you know when I do!)

eileen said...

yes to both- meg, i didn't know you were going back to denmark. sweet!

sab said...
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buddymollys said...

how about the care-espondence project? :) i actually was just thinking about sending you a "real" letter today, so i jumped on your blog to see what you've been up to and voila! (ok, so your post was may 23 and it's june 9. so what!