Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I've Been Up To, Part II

The blog neglect continues….InLeWriMo is still going strong, and I think daily letter writing has zapped my usual blog posting energy source.

Queen’s Birthday in Surfers Paradise-
We had a 3 day weekend for the Queen’s Birthday, and although I do not know which queen, when it comes to a Monday off from work, I don’t ask too many questions. I flew up to the Gold Coast to meet up with my college friend Alison and her flatmate Jess. Surfers Paradise is essentially the trashy Florida part of Australia, chock full of beautiful beaches marred by high rises, retirees, and teenage partiers. But we knew what we were in for and still had a great time. Plus, it’s gray and cold and windy in Melbourne this time of year, so it was nice to get some sunshine. Most of the weekend was consumed by the World Cup, including a 4am trip to the casino to watch the USA vs. England game amidst a hundreds of drunk Englishmen, or Poms, as they’re called here. A tie never felt so sweet.

In other sporting news, I did watch game 7 and was disappointed that the Celtics couldn’t scrape out a win. As I read somewhere on Facebook: “every time Kobe wins a ring, and angel loses his wings.” To be honest, I think Gasol deserved the MVP more than Kobe.

Lastly but not leastly, am I too old to buy trendy things like fingerless gloves? Well, I don’t care because I love them. So there.


Kris said...

Queen Elizabeth, long may she reign! (It's not her real birthday. It's like her Observed Birthday or something. And only we get the day off; the actual English people don't. I love holidays like that.)

Nitsirk said...

I don't know about the gloves but your nails look fabulous :)

eileen said...

hey thanks! just got them done.

ek said...

those black gloves are a billion times better than your laptop bag!

Anonymous said...

Who's the old guy in the background wearing a banana hammock doing crunches?

eileen said...

Oh him? That's my personal trainer. I bring him on all my holidays.

And Ern, I plan to wear my fingerless gloves and sweatpant skirt while I carry my (awesome) laptop bag through the streets of Melbourne.