Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Animal hijinx in the news:

Woman who fears monkeys attacked by...monkeys. (thanks, Ry!)

Drunk Australian injured in an attempt to ride a crocodile.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem got married- I had no idea they were dating (I can't believe they didn't tell me!) but it makes sense: they're both from Spain, incredibly talented (both have won Oscars), and very very very good looking (not counting Bardem's unfortunate haircut in No Country for Old Men). For movie recommendations, Bardem was fantastic in The Sea Inside and I loved Penelope in Volver.

Lastly, just when I thought that the splendors of the internet had all been revealed to me, I stumbled across this (incredibly extensive) collection of photos of people with slide rules. Enjoy!


Dean said...

She fears monkeys, but she went to a place called Monkey Island. Old video game references aside, what did she expect to happen?

Why didn't she go to Kitten Island? I hear it's quite nice there at this time of year, and there's a distinct lack of monkeys.

Also ... "The next thing I noticed, this monkey walked up next to me and I thought, Oh dear..." is just SO British. "The next thing I knew, a lion was chewing my arm off. 'Oh dear', I thought".

Eri said...

Javier & Penelope have been my fav couple for years Eileen. Looks like someone needs the Aussie US weekly. Just saying.

eileen said...

She meant to go to Monkee Island- those English do appreciate Davy Jones.

Eri, do you know who Javier is BBFs with? Josh Brolin- he and Diane Lane are my other favorite couple.