Friday, December 17, 2010

The Nutbush

Most of the time, life in Australia isn't all that different from life in the U.S.- same language, same ties to colonial England. Sure, they've got weird animals and they drive on the left, but overall it doesn't feel that foreign to me. However, it's the little cultural differences that completely blow my mind. Like the fact that people here put beets in sandwiches. And just recently, I discovered that Australians do a line dance called "The Nutbush" to the Ike and Tina Turner song "Nutbush City Limits." WHAT??!?
I was at my institute's Christmas party, which was a really nice luncheon at a hall, complete with assigned tables, free booze, and a DJ. At one point, a song came on and everyone got all excited- "the nutbush! the nutbush!" and started heading to the dance floor. A group line dance, a la The Electric Slide, was in progress. I was befuddled. "But you must know the nutbush, it's Tina Turner and you're American!!" No seriously, I have never seen this before. However, the steps are quite simple and soon enough I was nutbushing with the best of them. Apparently The Nutbush is known by everyone in Australia and is a popular occurrence at school formals, weddings, and the like. Here are some nutbush videos:

1. a wedding Nutbush

2. hipsters doing the nutbush at a music festival

3. close-up of the steps to the nutbush

The Nutbush? Kicks the Electric Slide's ass.


Kris said...

Interesting! I think I was vaguely aware of this, but I've never been to an event here where it was actually performed.

buddymollys said...

Jeremy and I WILL learn this song before we come visit. Those moves are damn groovy.

Eri said...

i agree that it is WAY cooler than the electric slide.

Anonymous said...

How did the nutbush escape Aimee D and I in 1999? This seems like just the cultural experience we would have embraced in our time abroad. Do the nutbush!!

saraH said...

Love it! Soooo much better than the electric slide!