Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You learn something new every day

Did you know that there is a contraption on the market that allows women to pee whilst standing up? It's called the shewee. After post-soccer beers last weekend, we were talking about peeing, as you do, and one of my soccer teammates told us about the shewee and that she owns one. The conversation rapidly spiraled downhill from there. We asked her to describe it- I was envisioning a catheter, and she said "no, it looks more like a paper airplane."
It actually looks more like a funnel or a plastic chute, at least on the website, which states "It is ideal for outdoor pursuits and long car journeys or for travelling abroad." I'm sorry, but long car rides? That's what rest stops are for. As much as peeing can be an inconvenience, I don't really see the appeal of the shewee. The big problem is that to use it, you'd have to carry it around with you. Where? In your purse? Gross! And you'd presumably have to rinse it, as well. Although it would make for an excellent conversation piece!


nad said...


You're never come back here, are you?

Kris said...

My mother-in-law has one of these things. (I don't think it was the shewee though.) She bought it years ago. It apparently has a carrying pouch. She has threatened to buy me one at some point. I have mostly blocked out the entire conversation. *shudder*

eileen said...

NAD- I can't believe what you took away from that post was my use of the word whist, rather than THE SHEWEE?

And RT, now if I ever meet your MIL that is all I will think of!

nad said...

we considered buying a UroClub ( for a buddy's bachelor party; I'm glad we didn't!

Kevin said...

I found out about this from a colleague who asked for one for her birthday. Apparently it's great for music festivals when you're hundreds of people deep in a tight pack and you can't be bothered fighting your way to the portajohns.

Chris R. said...

Also called the Lady J, and available cheap from your handy outdoor discount retailer: