Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ode to Chicago Drunkeness

Showed my poster today, and some peoploe liked it and stuff, so that was cool.
Then, went out and met friend Kori for a drink downtown, then moved on to Lincoln Park and met my friend Raj and his bro for beers. here is wehen i stop correcteding typos. lot si of fuhn~! i forgot my camner A . stupic caps lock. i had a great mine with raj and comapry. he has a really retty girldfirend. i told them about my lvoe kive and they gave me bad avice. which i amy or amyno t heed.

pmh i need to leeok at scientific posterws tomoprrow. oi hope this post wasn;t annoying and i wish there wuch pictures; raj took one on his phone. i'm not that drunk,. i type bad nornally,

loved you all\.l besos.


Stacey said...

Hilarious! :)

Rob said...

Dear Eileen,

Thank you for making my day.


S said...

I love drunk blogging!

eileen said...

Hmmmm.....maybe the "beer for dinner" was a bad idea, after all.

jay said...

Drug blogging! What a concept! I think I might have to try that tomorrow night!!!!

eileen said...

Whoa, drug blogging, Jay? Is that going to be like your bear experiment?

jay said...

oops typo.. maybe i was drunk when i typed that! i hope not, cuz i dont remember drinking. thats not a good sign huh..