Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- My roommate Ern returned from her long trip to Argentina, so we quickly resumed our normal practice of eating dinner and drinking wine. Later that night, Yuki and Jonathan arrived from San Fransisco.

Saturday- More visitors! Kelly and Jen arrived from Chicago, so I had lunch with them before handing over the keys and heading to Rhode Island for the weekend to attend the wedding of a long-time friend and former blogger, Jon, and the lovely Heather. Several of my Framingham friends got together for a cookout at our Dennis and Jill's place before heading into downtown Providence to catch up with the wedding party. I somehow managed to take zero photos.

Sunday- My high school friends and I spent the morning acting like teenagers- we played Wii for a while (I'm not into video games, but I actually liked it!) and then went out for pizza at Papa Gino's. Then, off to the Biltmore Hotel for the wedding, which was a blast- lots of friends, a wonderful and very personal ceremony, and, of course, a happy couple.
Some photos:
It took a while to get a group photo with the groom, who kept getting snatched away by other guests wanting to congratulate him. Here's the first attempt:

Much better:

The Boston Girls:

Shoe photo (mine are the red ones):

Last, but certainly not least, Jon and Heather:

Monday (Non-Labor Day)- After a post-nuptial brunch, we headed back to Massachusetts to visit another friend who didn't make it to the wedding because she just had a baby. Then, off to my favorite diner in the Commonwealth- Harry's, famous for ice cream and fried clams. Monday night, Yuki and I introduced Jonathan to candlepin bowling, a.k.a "bowling." (shoe photo!)
Some of you may recall my last adventure to Boston Bowl, where we were completely mystified by the contents of the vending machines. Well, they did not disappoint. Check it out- for only $2.00, you can purchase your very own abridged version of Huckleberry Finn, Little Women, or The Call of the Wild! (so weird!)


Kevin said...

Ah, so that's whose wedding you were going to this weekend. Great pictures, Eileen. I can't believe you went candlepin bowling without me! Books in the vending machine at the bowling alley - what a great idea. Those books are very popular in South America for 30 cents each. Not in a vending machine, though.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Shoes!!!

eileen said...

thanks, Meg!