Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Priceline: Yay or nay?

Hello all!
I need to rent a car this weekend and am considering trying Priceline for the first time. I was planning to lowball them- like $15 a day. Or is that too low? The normal rate would be around $30 a day.

Has anyone used Priceline before, and was your experience good or bad? Basically, I am arriving to a small airport in Virginia on Friday night and really don't want to end up with A. no car or B. something freaky like "Here's your car you reserved on Priceline. And your passenger, too! Don't worry, Vince looks kind of surly but he's a great navigator."


Eri said...

Dude, start at like $8 or $10, that is what I got the car for in Chicago! You can always move up if there is not a fit at the low rates, just keep climbing till you get one.

Ryan said...

Shatner doesn't lend his name to inferior products. please!

nad said...

Here's some good info on how to game priceline, from a blog I trust:

I believe you can apply the same techniques for higher status cars, versus the ones you actually want to rent.

eileen said...

Thanks for the tip, Neal. The whole 24-hour waiting period flummoxed me, because I don't have much time to spare, so I ended up biting the bullet and booking an economy car for $17/day. Still saved me some money, though!

Kevin said...

We got saddled with some big family truckster station wagon this weekend while driving down narrow roads in Spain. Thanks Avis!