Monday, December 08, 2008

A Very Pinkle Soccer Party

My soccer team had our pink-themed end-of-season/holiday party this past weekend, featuring pink clothing, pink drinks, and the legendary Pinkles Swap.

For beverages, I adopted Caity's suggestion and changed the name:

The Pinkle
5 oz. citron vodka
1 oz. blackberry brandy
6 oz. pink lemonade
Mix well and serve over ice.

Now, onto the photos:

This year's swap was more outrageous that ever- talking flyswatters, yodeling pickles, and lots and lots of naughty gifts: "pornaments for your XXXmas tree." Here's the whole crew holding up their swap booty:

I ended up taking home a framed, autograph picture of one of my teammates back in his heyday, which is sort of funny because I had just unearthed one of my own childhood soccer photos (see two posts down).

I shall cherish it always.


Mrs. V said...

Does the guy who's photo you 'won' look like you????? For some reason I see you in his face.

eileen said...

Haha not really. Most people see Neil Patrick Harris.