Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best of 2008

Best New Blog:
The Big Picture, from Boston.com. Always amazing photos of noteworthy events from around the world.

Best Movies:
4. Wall-E
3. The Dark Night
2. Iron Man
1. Slumdog Millionaire

Addictions of the Year:
Lost. I watched all five seasons this year in an embarrassingly short stretch of time.
Facebook. It took me a while to warm up to it, but now I'm hooked. I’m contemplating giving it up for Lent.

Celebrity Crushes of the Year:
Paul Newman- As a young man, stunningly handsome. As an old man, an honorable philanthropist. Rest in Peace.
Jeff Tweedy- I love you, Jeff Tweedy. Let’s run away together.
Robert Downey Jr.- You, too, Robert. Apparently I have a soft spot for creative and talented former addicts.

Album of the Year:
Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
take a listen: Skinny Love

Song of the Year:
A-Punk- Vampire Weekend
Damn, it’s catchy. And that baseline!

Best Events of 2008:
The United States elects a new President.
Boston Celtics win the NBA Championship. (and I was there to see it)
My sister Eri’s wedding.

Most Commented Post on DCoE:
The Butter Roll

Best New T Shirt:
This one.

In hindsight, 2008 was a memorable year, both good and bad. Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting, and best wishes for a joyful and productive 2009!


ahd said...

Hi Eileen.
I agree that Erin and Ryan's wedding was one of the best events of 2008.

Also, I am working late tonight and enjoying the Bon Iver CD--I've been listening to it all week. And, Vampire Weekend is my favorite new band, but my brother in law stole my cd. I better get it back.

Have a fun new year!

mj said...

That t-shirt is HYSTERICAL!

eileen said...

Eri and Ryan made it for me...I can't wait to wear it to the lab.

and I may have participated in a New Year's Eve sock hop to the tune of Vampire Weekend.

danimal said...

Jeff Tweedy is a testament to the fact that a guitar can make an ugly dude attractive.

eileen said...

Jeff Tweedy- yeah, kind of a homely fellow, but I find the voice, guitar, and onstage banter irresistable. Sigh...

Kelly said...

Just illegally downloaded a screener of Slumdog, and LOVED it. Great call!