Friday, January 02, 2009

Take me to another place

On Sunday, I'm headed to Johnson City, Tennessee to spend a week working in a lab at Eastern Tennessee State University. I'm looking forward to getting out of town for a little while, and if the experiments work out, it should greatly facilitate progress on my thesis project. The one little wrinkle in this plan is that I'm staying with the PI (that's Principal Investigator, a.k.a lab boss for you non-science types) and his family, whom I've never met. They offered, it saves the lab money, and I also felt like it was generous of them and it would be rude of me not to accept.

In a six week time frame, I'll have traveled to the following four destinations:

1. Morgantown, WV
2. Binghamton, NY
3. Brunswick, ME
4. Johnson City, TN

Oh yes, it's my Central Northeast Americana Tour. I'm thinking about pitching a show in which I travel to small American cities and report on local dive bars and diners. It'll be sort of like Taradise, minus the fake tans and fake boobs. Still trashy, though.

The only things I know about Johnson City are that it's not anywhere near Nashville or Memphis, and it's mentioned in a song I really like:

Wagon Wheel, by Old Crow Medicine Show.


danimal said...

Asheville is only an hour away and I hear JC has a great tittie bar. Oh and Acoustic Coffeehouse is supposed to be a sweet little venue.

Phil said...

Dear Eileen -

you need a new travel agent.

eileen said...

I'm thinking I'll check out the Acoustic Coffeehouse. But I'll probably skip the tittie bar this time around.

HH said...

you've got a place to stay in Asheville (only 60 miles away) if you want to make the trip and visit a cool little city. let me know...

eileen said...

HH- YES! I sent you a message via Facebook, which is quite convenient at times :)