Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Supreme Court Justices Quiz!

How much do you know about our current Supreme Court Justices? Try the quiz. Match the Justice with the fun fact- and yes, some justices have more than one answer.

1. Stephen Breyer
2. Antonin Scalia
3. Anthony Kennedy
4. John Paul Stevens
5. John Roberts
6. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
7. Clarence Thomas
8. David Souter
9. Samuel Alito

Fun Facts:
A. Father of nine and an opera lover
B. Has no use for television, answering machines, ball point pens, email.
C. Most recent appointment to the court
D. His swearing in was rushed and private to avoid breaking scandal
E. Nominated to the court after Mario Cuomo couldn't decide if he wanted an appointment
F. Nominated on his second try because of Ted Kennedy's support
G. The strongest "Constitutionalist" or "originalist" on the Court
H. loves Corvettes, NASCAR, and the Dallas Cowboys
I. Wrote that the real loser in the 2000 election was the reputation of the Justices
J. His interest in foreign law and justices has made him less conservative
K. Nominated to replace O'Connor, then Renquist

No Googling! I'll post the answer key tomorrow morning.


eileen said...

Apparently games based upon supreme court justices are not nearly as popular as games based upon movie quotes. Who knew?

mj said...

Did you come up with this quiz on your own? I can't match a single one.

eileen said...

The lady I stayed with in TN made it up for her book club and I took it my first night there. I only got a couple of them right.

I tried to get Ern to take the quiz last night but we got drunk at trivia night instead.

eileen said...

1. F
2. A,G
3. J
4. I
5. K
6. E
7. D,H
8. B
9. C

You all got zeros.