Friday, January 09, 2009

Lesson of the day

Panda bears are not as cuddly as they seem. Don't mess with Gu Gu.

Anthropomorphism be damned- climbing into zoo enclosures is for frickin idiots! What is wrong with people?


Anonymous said...

If I was trapped in cage for the rest of my life while idiots stared at me all day and kids screamed and threw shit at me.. i too would attack the first one to climb in their with me... or I would throw my poop at them like monkeys do. i just grossed myself out.

bigglesworth said...

man, that one dude bit him back -- in the back. take that you freakin' panda!

KcM said...

Another oldish (thirties) guy in my Warcraft guild and I had a good laugh the other night -- and completely dated ourselves -- by making "gooney gu gu" jokes about the panda incident.