Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Black Cab Sessions...musicians perform one song in the back of a London taxi. I could watch these all day long! So far, My Morning Jacket is my favorite.

(thanks DBC, I totally stole this from your Fbook page)

My Jeff Tweedy obsession continues...I started reading his son's blog, which is quite impressive for a thirteen year old.

My co-workers and I all took this online IQ test (the one on the upper left of the page) for fun. I scored a 128 but I think I would have done better if there were more word games and fewer pattern recognition questions. It did confirm that I'm wicked smart, but not a genius. Alas.


MikeO said...

The Black Cab Sessions website is amazing! Where has it been hiding? Oh and yes, Jeff Tweedy is a genius.

KcM said...

129. Same problem...I would've preferred more word games and less follow-the-bouncing-circle.

eileen said...

Yeah, The Black Cab Sessions is so cool! I aspire to do a project like that, or travel around the world and dance like that guy Matt.

I'm tempted to give the IQ test another go but I think that would be cheating.

Liz said...

I feel like if you just took the GMAT or SATs, you would do really well on this. Or if you were in high school I suppose. Who remembers that math stuff otherwise?

(apparently I'm bitter about my score)

Anonymous said...

So did you join the society? I got a 134! It sounds like an interestng group of people.

eileen said...

Kara Smarty Pants!
No, I didn't join. Did you?

Anonymous said...

No. I stayed on the website a bit longer and read some of the articles. They weren't that interesting and I'm not really interested in joining an online chess club. Plus, I have enough ways to waste time online.
Hope you're staying warm! It's be really f&*(# cold in MN for the last 4 days.