Monday, January 05, 2009

Live from Johnson City

As previously mentioned, I'm spending the week working in a ribosome lab in Johnson City and I'm staying with a faculty member and his wife. They are very, very nice and in their mid-sixties, so last night's entertainment included me taking a quiz on Supreme Court Justices that the wife made up for her book club, then watching Masterpiece Theater on PBS. Awesome, no? I'll post the quiz later this week so you can test your own knowledge of our current Supreme Court.
Observations so far:
  • It is a lot warmer here than I expected, so I look ridiculous traipsing around in my heavy wool coat with a fuzzy collar.
  • Whoa, those Tennessee accents!
  • People here are crazy about football, especially with the Titans doing so well this season. Prior to Masterpiece Theater, we drank wine and watched both of yesterday's NFL games.
  • ETSU has had many different types of mascots.

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