Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekend Report (slightly belated)

On Friday, I attended The Slutcracker at the Somerville Theater. Oh yes, it's a brilliantly named burlesque show based upon Tchaikovsky's famous ballet. I didn't really know what to expect, and it much more like the actual Nutcracker than I expected- same score, similar plot, only dancing, no dialogue or singing. Only with lots of pasties. And a pole dancer. And Clara's toy that comes alive, well, let's just say that it's not a nutcracker, and it's not a tree that grows. Overall, it wasn't nearly as raunchy as I imagined (um, which was good, I guess, because I went with a bunch of coworkers), but it was hilarious, creative, and very entertaining. We made a full night of Davis Square, with dinner at Redbones beforehand and drinks at the Burren afterwards. Both places were a lot of fun and I'd hang out in Davis Square a lot more often if it weren't for the $30 cab ride home. Ah well.

The rest of the weekend was very busy and fun. I ventured out to the burbs for a Christmas party, but was rewarded with Harpoon Winter Warmer for my efforts. My niece Maggie also had her 2nd birthday party...look at how cute she is! I also like how she's wearing a shirt with her own picture on it. Take that, Paris Hilton.

And now for something completely different:


Eri said...

Oh Maggie! So cute. She definitely has inherited the Dunne caterpillar eyebrows :).

eileen said...

Hahaha...yes, we are all afflicted with the World's Straightest Eyebrows. Not enough Spock in the gene pool.

Beth said...

Ah, Redbones...how I miss thee! I LOVE Maggie's shirt!

Maggie's dada said...

Make fun of Maggie's eyebrows?? Thems fighting words.