Monday, February 23, 2009

Concert Review: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

On Saturday, I saw Ryan Adams and the Cardinals perform at the Orpheum Theater. I enjoy Ryan Adams' music but had never seen him live before, and I was hoping to catch a good show by a prolific and talented but temperamental musician. In the end, I saw a great show- Ryan and his backing band the Cardinals sounded fantastic. They played two sets and over 20 songs, including favorites "Come Pick Me Up" and "Oh My Sweet Carolina" and ending with a cover of "Down in a Hole" by Alice In Chains. The mood was light and energetic, with Ryan engaging in humorous banter and obviously enjoying sharing the stage with The Cardinals, aptly described as "an incredibly tight and inventive backing band" in the Herald review.

I really enjoyed the concert and also learned a couple of things- that "Stars Go Blue" song made famous by The Corrs and Bono was originally written by Ryan Adams, and that he has a very rabid and cultish following, the likes of which I hadn't experienced since the last Bruce Springsteen show I saw- the audience was abuzz with discussions of previous shows and set lists. Oh, and his new fiance Mandy Moore was in attendance but I didn't spot her during the show. Based upon the performance I saw on Saturday night and the fact that Ryan has mentioned taking time off from music due to hearing problems he's developed (although he has since recanted), I would recommend catching him this time around if you get the chance.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the concert. I saw him there after the Gold album was released. It was a great concert. Stars go Blue is one of my fav songs... but I actually hated the Bono/Coor rendition. His is way better...less hokie.

eileen said...

Meg, I didn't know that you were an RNA fan- too bad, we could have gone together!
oh, my friend Dan told me once after RA performed Stars Go Blue he said "that song paid for my pool."

Kelly said...

I saw him at Lolla a few years back and loved him. My faves are La Cienega Just Smiled, Let It Ride, and Burning Photographs. Did he play any of those?

eileen said...

Nope, Kel, I don't think he played any of those this time around.