Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday silliness

I like those Denny's "serious breakfast" commercials, especially the one featuring Nanerpus. I especially enjoy how his eye falls off at the beginning. Seems like Nanerpus has inspired several YouTube remixes, and those of you who fondly recall Carvel's ice cream cakes may enjoy "Nanerpus vs. Cookie Puss vs. Godzilla."

In other spectacular news, my roommate Ern and I will soon be the proud owners of our very own Snuggies, courtesy of our friend Lisa. This makes me more excited than I should probably admit. And get this- Chicago has a Snuggie Pub Crawl in the works. I think Boston needs to get in on this trend. Long live the Snuggie!


MikeO said...

You can call me Nannerpuss, Nannerpuss. And guess what? I love pancakes.

- I am a bit obsessed with this song. It's incredible. Sometimes I dream about Nannerpuss at night and wake up terribly disappointed that it was just a dream. :(

Ryan said...

Is that Burt Reynolds doing VO?

eileen said...

Yes it is!

But the identity of Nanerpuss' voice remains a pancake-topping mystery.