Thursday, September 10, 2009

List #42...Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

I assume everyone has things they’ve always wanted to do. I don’t mean significant, noble undertakings like climbing Mount Everest or saving orphaned children or writing a blog. I’m talking about trivial things, inconsequential things, like “I’ve always wanted to take a flying karate kick and bust open a piñata.” Or “Man, someday I’m going to walk by a fire alarm and just pull the sucker.”

Well, I have a few, and some of them I’ve actually done. And it was quite satisfying. To wit:

1. Walk up a down escalator. (Honolulu airport, 2002)
2. Spray a fire extinguisher. (Laboratory safety training, 2005)
3. Burn a couch. (Okay, I didn’t actually pitch it in the fire myself but I was there to witness it. Peace Corps reunion, 2009.)

But there’s one more item on my list that remains elusive, even though I’ve had ample opportunity:

4. Pull the emergency shower in the laboratory. Every single time I walk by that thing, I just want to pull it! Something about that dangling pull handle is just so…inviting. Problem is, there’s no drain underneath, so if you do pull it (so I’ve heard), tons of water rushes out and gets all over the floor and makes a huge mess. But hey, if my upcoming thesis defense goes well, let’s just say you probably don’t want to be standing underneath it when I walk by.

How about the rest of you? Any silly things you’ve always wanted to do? Leave them in the comments.

Lastly, even though it's still Thursday, here is your Friday song- two for the price of none!

Inspired by the cooking post below:

Talking Heads - Pyscho Killer

Bonus track: The Beatles (not remastered) - Michelle (see what I did there?)


Mrs. V said...

Yes, that shower pull talks to me, too (pull me, pull me, pull me). Someone told me you can stop the flow of water by pushing the handle back up....but I don't really want to risk it.

J.R. said...

It talks to all of us. It laughs at us all and our cowardly ways.

Xyanne said...

Thanks so very much for this! I've been looking all over for a few fun ideas to add to my life list, and everywhere I've looked, there were the same goals (get married, finish my book, travel to a new country, lose weight etc.).

A lot of them are probably not even all that fun! I wanted to have most of my goals be things I REALLY wanted to do, not just, "Oh, it sounds like a good idea".

You can see my "lust for life list" at . There'll be a mix of things, but I'm hoping the majority of them will be fun and interesting.

Thanks again for the awesome ideas!