Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nica 20 Reunion

I spent Labor Day weekend at my Peace Corps reunion at the Hasselmann Family Farm in Illinois. There were 19 members of Nica 20 Agriculture, and 11 of us attended along with assorted spouses and children (and one suegra). We all had a fantastic time... perfect weather, beautiful scenery, and a great chance to catch up with old friends. You know how with some friends you don't talk to them for years, and then you get together and it feels like not even a day has passed? Well, it was like that. (Except for all of the kids and babies, but I've gotta say, Peace Corps volunteers produce some adorable and well-behaved children.) I've been a city mouse for the past several years, so it was a nice change of pace to spend a few days in farm country. We ate fresh eggs and delicious meats from the farm, we mowed hay (as in stacked bales into a hay mow), went on a hayride, had a bonfire (complete with a burning couch!) and threw a Nicaraguan party featuring piñatas, tortillas, gallo pinto, and Flor de Caña. A special thanks go out to Scott and his wife Nena- they did a wonderful job as hosts and put a lot of work into making the weekend a huge success. Oh, and if any of you in the Illinois area are looking to support your local farmers and enjoy fine meats, definitely check out the farm website listed above- most products, including the brats (no trip to the Midwest is complete without them), are Animal Welfare Approved.
Some pictures:

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