Friday, September 18, 2009

Snuggie Season

With the chill in the air this past week, it seems that this brief summer has passed by, and everyone is starting to pull out those fall sweaters, jackets, and....Snuggies! Oh yes, it's Snuggie Season. Just this week, I received two Snuggie-related emails from friends (thanks Jess and Meg!)... so you can continue to count on DCoE as a reliable source for news stories related Snuggies and interspecies friendships. If I ever come across a story about a polar bear and a husky who wear animal Snuggies and are the best of friends, why, my head might explode with the awesomeness.

So here are the links:
Snuggie fashion show!
and Snuggie Sutra (um, yes it's what you think it is, but the link is safe to click)

And because it's Friday, time for the song of the day:
Last night, I saw The Polyphonic Spree at the Paradise. If you're not familiar with them, the picture pretty much says it all. They are a huge orchestral rock group who dress in robes and play trippy music that sounds like a blend of ELO and the Hair soundtrack. At this show, they had 21 members on stage, including a flautist, six back-up singers, and a guy rocking out on a harp. And the best past was that it was sponsored by Southern Comfort, so it was free admission with two free drinks! I've avoided SoCo since it led to an unfortunate Patriots tailgating experience circa 2002, but I had a mixed drink with SoCo, ginger ale, and lime, and it was actually quite tasty. Southern Comfort is sponsoring shows in several cities this fall, so if they come to yours, I definitely recommend going.

Without further ado:

The Polyphonic Spree- Lithium (Nirvana cover)


Maria said...

reading the your headline and seeing the photo, i thought it was a pic of a bunch of people wearing white snuggies.

eileen, what would happen if the polar and husky were wearing animal snuggies and riding in a mini-cooper full of pugs?

Underoo Elf said...

That Polyphonic Spree song just made my day!

eileen said...

Aaaah! Maria! I can't even handle it! And the mini cooper is definitely yellow.

Lori said...

Eileen - I saw an ad on Facebook for Snuggies the other day. You can get your alma mater snuggie near you! Imagine how an ND snuggie would look at work! :)

eileen said...

Ha! Oh wow, Lori...don't tempt me :)