Monday, December 14, 2009

Two months of leisure

So, my last day of my old job was this past Friday, and my new job begins on February 22nd or so. Which leaves me with an unprecedented two months of nothing to do! Truthfully, I have quite a bit to do, in terms of fellowship applications, reading up on bacterial pneumonia, and arranging a move to a faraway continent. But since I won't be gainfully employed...I'm actually looking forward to some time off, in that I'll have a chance to do some things I normally ignore, like vacuuming, going to the gym, and getting my teeth cleaned. I've also become the family's official errand girl- picking up Christmas trees today, and taking my grandmother to her book club tomorrow. And I've planned some fun activities for myself- I'm going to New York City this weekend, and I booked a two-week trip to Germany and Austria in January to visit family in Vienna and friends in Germany. Very excited about that- I've never been.

On the downside...six years of grad school haven't done wonders for my finances, and now that I've booked an expensive trip to Europe (whoops!), I need to earn some money during my hiatus, or at least curtail my tendency to spend it. So I foresee a lot of book reading, movie watching, and hopefully some catering and babysitting gigs in my near future. Unless that temp job as a UPS driver's helper comes through. I think I'd look good in brown.

And just for everyone else who still has to go to work on a Monday morning:

Monday Morning, by Fleetwood Mac

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Suldog said...

Well, enjoy the time as much as is possible without scads of money on hand. You never know - something fantastic and wonderful and amazing could be right around the corner. Or you could be hit by a truck. Either way, you should enjoy yourself NOW.