Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Links! (science themed)

A fascinating article about sabotage in the laboratory, which allows me to use one of my favorite words- saboteur! (thanks, Mike)

Fun chemistry video. No, really. (Thanks, JR!)

And now for something a little more sinister- earlier this month, the US apologized for a study run during the 1940s in which Guatemalans were deliberately infected with syphilis. Yikes! I'll try to remember this when I'm complaining about my latest human ethics application.


Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Do you get a lot of crap for being an American down in Australia? We do have a tendency to do not so ethical things to other countries, and people don't seem to like that always.

eileen said...

Sorry for the delayed response- no, not too much other than occasional lighthearted ribbing. Australia's got their own crazy politicians (Tony Abbott) as well as a fairly checkered past when it comes to the treatment of aboriginals so I think most people recognize the difference between actions of a government vs. its citizens. When I lived in Nicaragua, a country that has legitimate claim to dislike the USA, considering the fact that our country illegally funded a civil war in theirs, I was surprised at how little anti-American sentiment I experienced. Then again, people tend to be nicer to girls, so the American guys in my group may have caught more flack.