Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2010: A Year in Review

I must say, 2010 was a banner year here at DCoE. After finally finishing grad school at the end of 2009, I was in need of a fresh start and I got one- new country, new job, new apartment, new manfriend. Considering I moved halfway across the world to a city where I knew exactly no one, it's worked out quite well.

Here's my 2010 in review:

Song of the Year: Dog Days are Over, by Florence + the Machine (right click and save as). I think it was technically released in 2009 but I didn't hear it until 2010. The girl can wail. I dig it.

Movie of the Year: Kind of a slow year for movies, in my opinion (although I haven't seen the latest releases, like The Fighter, yet). I'd have to say that my favorite of the year was Animal Kingdom, a crime drama set in Melbourne, complete with the creepiest, most evil grandmother to grace the screen in a long time. Jackie Weaver deserves an Oscar nomination at the very least. And it also stars my...

Celebrity Crush of the Year: Guy Pearce. He's just so...cool. I mean, not everyone can play a both a tattooed, vengeful amnesiac and a flaming drag queen.

TV Addictions of the Year:
True Blood and Battlestar Galactica.

Places I visited in 2010:

Munich, Berlin, Dresden, and Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany

Vienna, Austria

Sydney, Canberra, Magnetic Island, Surfer's Paradise, Hobart, Freycinet Penninsula, Scottsdale, Sunshine Coast, and Darwin, Australia

Technological Breakthrough of the Year:

My first smart phone, an iPhone 4. I also learned how to make a heart on Facebook- just type <3.

Best Mode of Transportation:
a bicycle- I hadn't owned a bike in over ten years, and now I ride one to work every day and I love it!

Shocking/most awesome injury of the year:
The black eye I got from knocking heads with a soccer opponent. It looked worse than it was.

I know I was pretty crap at posting for the past year, but I miss blogging and one of my goals of 2011 is to spend more time doing it. Another one is to blog more. As always, thanks to everyone who still stops by DCoE from time to time, especially those of you who leave comments. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

Update! How could I have forgotten this category? Thanks for the reminder, Timm.

Most Commented Post of 2010:
A tie, with two posts racking up 14 comments each. The book giveaway and...DCoE Field Trip: Adventures in Building 19.


Briana said...

Hey Eileen! Happy new year!

Front page story in the NYTimes today about flooding in Melbourne. Are you under water? Give us a report!

Hope everything is going well. I was at your house on the 23rd in Framingham. It was great to be back, to see your family, Erin and Ryan, Jenny Tate, Nico, Leon, and Mulvey.

Talk to you soon,

eileen said...

Hi Bri! The flooding is all up in Queensland (I saw the article and don't know why it said Melbourne in the byline)- apparently it's really bad up there but we're nice and dry down here. I heard you were spotted in the 'ham- sorry to have missed you all :(

Maria said...

Thanks for all your posts and updates about your life in Australia. Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures.

timm said...

where was the most commented post of 2010 category?

i feel cheated.

eileen said...

A serious omission has been noted and rectified- sorry, Timm!

Amanda said...

Happy New Year Eileen! My sister has been trying to get me to watch Battlestar Galactica for ages, and now maybe I'll actually do it since you loved it too.

J.R. said...

One time in a bar you told me that sometimes, you forget where the table is and just tip over. It is that uniquely singular perpective that will keep me coming to DCoE for life.

Kevin said...

I love Florence and Dog Days is a great song. You know who else loves that song? This kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnBau6fL8S8.