Monday, January 17, 2011

Movie review haiku

Here are reviews of some movies I've watched recently, in short, poetic format.

I never knew that
Liam Neeson could be such
A fucking badass

Tron is worth seeing
In 3D at the IMAX
If you like neon

The Fantastic Mr. Fox:
Claymation foxes
Are very cute and witty
But the possum rules

The King’s Speech:
Colin Firth stutters
In this royal fam bromance
And Geoffrey Rush helps

Despicable Me:
Wanna-be villain
Adopts three cute orphan girls
The minions rejoice


saraH said...

Nice! Of these the only movie I'm seen is Despicable Me. Your haiku is spot on!

Sarah said...

ahaha love this! Taken was actually really good, I was surprised!

MostlyDrama said...

Very cute! I've never experienced anything quite like this and it was defiantly a pleasant experience.