Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ern's visit Part I: Weekend in Melbourne

My friend, former roommate, and DCoE star Ern arrived midday on Saturday after a tedious journey from BOS to MEL. Ever the good sport, she did not object to my plans to drink beers all afternoon at Little Creatures Dining Hall in Fitzroy. I allowed her to take a short nap, after which we headed out to the Forum to see one of my favorite musicians (and fellow Masshole), Amanda Palmer. I realized I've now seen Amanda perform six times (three of those were with the Dresden Dolls), which kind of puts me into fangirl/stalker territory, but I never get tired of her live shows. Her music and songwriting are both clever and captivating, and above all, she is never, ever boring. To wit- her current album features a song called "Map of Tasmania" about pubic hair. For reals. On Sunday, we toured the Old Melbourne Gaol (creepy!) and then stumbled upon an Italian festival featuring the World's Longest Pizza (amazing! and really long!). We hit up the local vodka bar for dinner and then off to bed.

On Monday (hey, it's part of the weekend when you're on vacation), we drove out to the Healesville Sanctuary to check out some Australian wildlife. I saw my first echidna (very cute and larger than expected) and platypus...and learned a new word: platypussary, a platypus breeding ground. Please, somebody get James Bond to Australia to make a movie called Platypussy. The highlight of the day was a close encounter with a lyrebird, who have awesome feathers and make awesome noises.

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