Thursday, November 08, 2007

Celtic Pride

Last night, I attended the Celtics thrashing of the Denver Nuggets. Pierce, KG, and Ray Allen looked fantastic, and it was an absolute domination- the score was 77-38 at halftime, and the bench guys saw a lot of action in the second half.

Some notes from the game:

The Garden was quieter than I expected. I think fans are still unused to watching a good team, so everyone is more awed than anything else.

When Carmelo decided to wear an arm sleeve and headband, do you think he ran it by AI first, like "Hey, Allen, is it cool if I get a matching arm sleeve?" or do you think he just showed up one day sporting matching accessories?
Kevin Youkilis and Mike Vrabel were both at the game. Neither one was wearing any Nuggets apparel (*cough* LeBron).

At one point, Ray Allen, Tony Allen, and Allen Iverson were all on the court at the same time.

We did stay for the Elliot Yamin concert held immediately after the game, and I was highly amused that the American Idol R and B star bears a striking resemblance to my friend JR. Seriously.

On our way out, we snuck in an Employees Only door and made our way towards the locker rooms (hey, if a priest can stalk Conan O'Brien, I can stalk Allen Iverson). A cop finally noticed us and directed us to the waiting area, where friends and family, as well as few fans, were congregated. We said hi to ML Carr and chatted for a bit the father of Glen Davis (aka Big Baby's Daddy). We saw all of the Celtics players come out but weren't feeling quite obnoxious enough to talk to them. Plus, my camera had run out of batteries. I did manage to get a photo of MJ, Nikki, and myself, though.


Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes up. This team will significantly surpass last year's team and will be a helluva lot more entertaining. However, last time I checked, you need superior defense, a solid point guard and a dominant center to win an NBA Championship. Guess what this squad lacks? This team is a second round play-off team-- no more, no less. Rondo and Perkins is not exactly Parker and Duncan. Oh yeah, a good coach is also required to win a title. And Glen "Doc" Rivers, to put it mildly, is a NOT a good coach.

Good day.

eileen said...

um, yeah, Anonymous, you said that already.

Do I think that the Celtics could beat San Antonio in a 7 game series?

Do I still think that they're going to have a great season? Yes.

KcM said...

Yeah, that was a thrashing and no mistake. I saw the highlights last night and, since my Knickerbockers only squeaked by Denver on Tuesday, I grow concerned. Randolph and Curry can probably take KG out of the game, but if Allen or Pierce get hot, it'll be all over early.