Saturday, November 17, 2007

Complementary Pilaf

Test your vocabulary at - ten grains of rice are donated to U.N. food programs for every correct word.

So addictive.


Kevin said...

Great website link, Eileen. Definitely addictive. I kept playing until I got to 2000 grains. My vocab level topped out at 48 (which the FAQ says is the de facto top, despite going to 50), but generally was in the 44-46 range.

I have to say that the site is fairly biased towards obscure British words, so it's an advantage if you know British. Plus if you know a lot of medieval words, it's also an advantage. Plus there were a decent amount of words which I didn't think were particularly English, but if you knew the Romance languages you could get. When did "cordillera" become an English word?

Btw, is there a reason you called your post "side dish rice" rather than "free rice"?

eileen said...

Hah! I meant to write "complimenary" as in "free", but I guess I'll leave it as a side dish.

I noticed a lot of science words, like "quiescent" and "pyrexia" that were easy for me, but perhaps more obscure for the general population.

Neal said...

See, and if you were on gmail, you would have discovered this site weeks ago, as it's in my away message for gchat.

One more reason to ditch hotmail.