Friday, November 16, 2007

List #36....Things You Should Point Out To Strangers

Inspired by Sarah's "It's OK To Tell" campaign, I decided to make a list of things you should tell someone, anyone, even a complete stranger, to save them the anguish of discovering something is amiss, and then wondering for how long and how many people noticed but didn't say anything.

You should politely point out:

1. Food stuck in teeth.

2. Toilet paper on the bottom of the shoe.

3. A terrible sunburn, when in progress. (My sister hates my compulsion to tell strangers at the beach that they are getting sunburnt. But they'll thank me later, when they don't have melanoma.)

4. Skirt tucked into pantyhose.

5. Shirt is inside out (although I might be the only person on Earth who frequently wears clothing inside out, entirely by accident. It happened again last week, and I didn't notice until late afternoon. Throw me a frickin' bone, people!)

6. Smeared makeup/ lipstick on teeth.

For the next two, you may be more selective of whom you tell.

7. Unzipped fly. No need to tell the creepy stranger of opposite sex on the bus, or your boss, because that's just awkward.

8. Booger in nose (or elsewhere). Reserved for good friends only.

Anything I'm forgetting?


Sarah said...

YES this is a great list and i think with the inside out shirt thing we should add when you have a tag sticking out. BUT people should definitely just tell you "hey your tag is sticking out" and not just fix it for you without saying anything especially if you don't know then!! Some random girl on the T once reached behind me and fixed my tag and was like "Sorry, that was bothering me". I was like "Weird I only get bothered by things like strangers touching me!"

Anonymous said...

Please, oh please, tell me if I have pen markings on me face.

Thank ye kindly.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me if I have my pants on backward or my shoes on the wrong feet.

eileen said...

A drunk lady on the #10 bus (the preferred route for nurses, junies, and bums!) tucked my tag in once. It was kind of weird, and got worse when she insisted on chatting me up while pulling sips from a bottle in a paper bag.