Thursday, October 09, 2008

Concert Review

Last night, I saw one of my favorite bands, the Heartless Bastards, play at TT the Bear's. They are a bluesy rock band who sort of sound like The Black Keys, if the Black Keys had a badass frontwoman: Erika Wennerstrom is an amazing musician who sings, plays lead guitar, keyboard, and writes most of their songs. I had never seen them live before, and they exceeded my expectations with a loud but crisp performance highlighted by Erika's vocals. TT's was packed but the crowd kept quiet, in an awed "wow, this band is really frickin good" sort of way. The only downside is that the H.B. were one of three bands playing last night, so their set was pretty short. I ran into Boston music blogger Ryan from Ryan's Smashing Life at the show, and he has a couple of tracks posted at his site, if you want to take a listen. The H.B. are currently touring the US, and they have a new album coming out in January. If you're a music fan at all, I'd highly recommend checking them out. Oh, and I totally did the embarrassing fangirl thing and went up and talked to Erika after the show. She was very nice and spoke with a surprising southern twang.


S said...

Love the Heartless Bastards. We're seeing the Black Keys tomorrow night! Love them too (and not just because my husband is good friends with the guitarist)!

eileen said...

Oh yeah, the Ohio connection! Have fun at the show tonight.