Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Business

My cousin from Ireland Brendan and his Anne, came to visit this past week. Here are some things I learned:

1. Whenever anyone from Ireland is involved, you will end up drinking far more than anticipated. (Unless that person is a Pioneer...there's an Irish club for people who don't drink...apparently they get discounts on auto insurance and all sorts of other strange benfits. One of my cousin's friends is a Pioneer and when he told us about it we thought he was putting us on. But it's real.)

2. Females make lovely houseguests. They bring presents, they leave thank you cards, and they tidy up before they leave.

3. "Whom should Eileen date?" has become a new favorite family conversation topic.

Kerry (sister): What about Guy From Our Hometown?
me: I think he's too young for me.
Kerry: But you're really immature.
Adam (brother-in-law): Whoever it is, he has to be rich. You're the family's only hope.
Anne (cousin's girlfriend): What about an Irish guy?
Kerry: Know any rich ones?
Anne: Irish Guy has got loads of sheep.
Brendan (cousin): What about Other Irish Guy? He drives a digger!

So there you have it.

The photo of us is from trivia night at the Junction in Southie. We won 2nd place. Hooray!


Kris said...

Um... "Whom should Eileen date?" is actually a favorite conversation topic over here in Australia, too. Rodd and I often try to think of people we'd set you up with, if only you had zillions of dollars to fly back and forth to Sydney. Right now #1 on my list is my Indian friend Kunaal. He owns his own apartment, he loves sports, he's a big Obama-supporter, and he's really nice. (On the negative side though, he's a generally neat person... which means I'm not sure whether he'd thank me for inflicting you on him.)


Anonymous said...

Nora and Maggie both vote for either the guy with the loads of sheep or the one who drives a digger, but I still think you need to go for the one from the 'ham.

eileen said...

RT- well, when I finally come visit I can meet him and maybe it will work out and I'll write a screenplay based on our story entitled Love Down Under. It will be a romantic comedy, only with zombies. Or koalas. Your choice.