Sunday, October 19, 2008

DCoE Endorses Barack Obama

Those of you who know me in real life or through this blog are probably aware of the fact that I am a liberal Democrat. I try not to get too political here for various reasons- I’d rather keep things light, and I don’t want to alienate friends and readers who don’t share my views, and there are plenty of well-researched and thoughtful political blogs out there (here’s a good example). That being said, I’m voting for Barack Obama and I urge you to do the same.

Before the campaining began, I was a Hillary supporter, but the more I listened to and read about Barack Obama, the more I became convinced that he is the person whom I want to lead my country. A couple of endorsements carried special weight with me- the first, from my Senator and a champion of liberal ideals, Ted Kennedy. The second came from someone in my own life whose politics I respect and admire: my father. Today, Colin Powell gave his own endorsement, and it’s great. Watch the video. Seriously, take seven minutes and watch it.

Let’s be honest, the Bush administration has been a complete shitshow. The crumbling economy, the war in Iraq, the chipping away of our civil liberties….take a look at this striking political poster by ad executive Rich Silverstein if you need a reminder. A few months ago, I thought this election was a win-win, in that even if John McCain won, he would make a decent President, certainly better than Bush. Now, I have my doubts. First came the Palin pick. The woman doesn’t believe in evolution or global warming, tried to fire a librarian who refused to ban books, and thinks that proximity to a foreign country makes one an expert in international relations. I’m sure she’d be a nice person to talk to at a barbeque (I bet her moose jerky is delicious!) but Vice President of the United States of America? No frickin way.
Second came the recent change in McCain’s campaign tactics- the attempts at painting Barack Obama, a United States Senator, as someone to be feared, a terrorist. It’s offensive, it’s divisive, and frankly, it’s dangerous.

Luckily, these negative tactics seem to be backfiring. Maybe I’m too biased, maybe I’m too optimistic, but I’m sensing a change in the air, a growing hope. It seems like more and more Americans are ready for a positive change for our country, and more and more people are looking to Barack Obama for that change. He’s intelligent, inspiring, informed, and a true leader.
During the VP debate, Joe Biden said that “this is the most important election you've ever voted in your entire life.” Most of you have probably made up your minds already, but if you haven’t, or you are considering just sitting out and skipping the whole thing, I encourage you to think deeply about what you want in a President. I want someone whose administration will work to make life better for the average American. Someone committed to the notion of liberty and justice for all. Someone to work with diligence, thoughtfulness, and collaboration to tackle our problems, both at home and abroad. With great enthusiasm, Divine Comedy of Errors endorses Barack Obama for President!


Mike said...

Thought you would enjoy this link.

KcM said...

Obviously, you're an elitist and you hate America.

KcM said...

(oh, and thx for the link btw :) )

Vance said...

Sadly, I think you'll get your wish.

You've just deprived me of 4 years of Tina Fey impressions on SNL.

nad said...

Check out - you'll get a laugh.

eileen said...

Haha- I really liked the Palin as President one.

Kevin said...

Your foreign correspondent is pleased to say that his ballot with Obama's name ticked is in the mail to be counted. I also urge MA residents to vote AGAINST repealing the state income tax.

I agree, a while back I thought McCain wouldn't be too bad, but boy have I changed my mind on that one.