Friday, February 26, 2010


Apologies for the sparse blogging as of late- I don't have an internet connection where I'm staying and since I sit literally side by side with my boss (our "desks" are actually just one big table that we both sit at), I probably won't be doing much online tomfoolery at work. Which will likely do wonders for my productivity.

So yes, the first week of life in Australia has been good. On the upside, I really like my new job and new coworkers and especially my new boss. Yay! On the downside, I still haven't found a place to live- the Metafiler friend and her boyfriend who are hosting me are great, but I'm looking forward to getting settled in somewhere more permanent and closer to the hospital, as it's currently an hour-long commute. Little did I know that Melbourne is notoriously difficult when it come to apartment hunting, and I'm moving in right when all the students have descended upon the city for the start of the academic year (a la September 1 in Boston, although I'm definitely trying to avoid living in the Allston of Melbourne) so the whole real estate system is kind of a mess. I'm scouting out a few more potential places this weekend, so hopefully I'll get something (ideally with an internet connection!) lined up by next week. In other news, it's still warm and sunny and beautiful. People here love good coffee so there are lots of cafes (and they all offer soy milk! thank you lactose-intolerant Asians!), and an astonishing and somewhat mystifying number of hair salons.

In other news, about six months ago, I started getting a lot more spam comments on DCoE. I've been pretty vigilant about immediately deleting them, but after spending a couple of weeks in transit, they've started piling up. In the past, I've resisted using one of those verification tools for comments just because I don't want normal commenters to be disuaded...even though it only takes about 3 seconds and certainly won't dissuade the worthy commenters, right? RIGHT?

Coming soon:
A book review! Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann- it's fantastic.
A post on accents and how I ended up with a lettuce sandwich for lunch. (Which would have been the tragedy of the week had I not bought a summer scarf at the outdoor market and then lost it on the tram the very next day. SAD FACE.)
and some other, the killer whale story? I'm obsessed.


Jeff said...

Spam sucks. Verification is no big deal.

Tom said...

Let us know when you find a solid line to the net, I've got a great bunch of (free) mp3s you're probably going to love. A couple of these guys will remind you of your Band of Horses. (specifically check out The Susan Constant and Mammoth Life)

and no worries about the verification. It's no big deal anymroe.

Suldog said...

Worthy commenter #3 here. No big deal at all.

buddymollys said...

i for one am going to miss spamming you. oh, and i just got you a li'l some-somethin' (a really little some-somethin') but i want to mail it to you -- can you send me your address when you get it:) hahaha -- no pressure. actually, have you thought about just living with some of those college kids who are jamming the real estate market -- jr said it was no big deal!

Kevin said...

Glad to hear that you are enjoying Melbourne so far. I'm sure the flat hunt will work out fine. Our dormant blog has also been getting spammed up recently, so, even though no one looks at it anymore, I also added the verification thing. I think it's a good idea.