Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Australia Bound!

Well, it's been a hectic last few days in MA, with the highlight definitely being my going away party at Lir last Saturday night. You know how when you used to go out during college and you knew everyone at the bar? It was sort of like that, minus the lousy fake IDs. I don't want to get all sappy, but I feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful friends in my life. So thanks to everyone who stopped by for a drink or three, especially those of you who traveled from afar and also Ern for getting me an Edible Arrangement and a Croc-themed gift. Nothing says "goodbye and good luck" like your most hated inanimate objects! Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the party- a group shot organized by Sue and, well, hair moustaches. Boom.

So, yep, tomorrow I'm moving across the globe for a new job (and my first ever Real Job...sayonara, stipends!) in a city where I don't know a single person. I suppose I should be feeling excited, nervous, and a little bit sad, but it hasn't really hit me yet. And in case you're wondering, DCoE will continue on from Down Under- it'll be sort of like Saved By The Bell: The College Years (not really). For now, I'll leave you with a song, because despite the Australian allure of sunny weather, strange animals, and adorable accents, Boston, you're my home.

The Standells- Dirty Water


Anonymous said...

Safe trip! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

Kris said...

Hey, you know a couple! There's Heath and Marie-Cris, and the Metafilter folks... You'll be fine! Plus we're only like a 90 minute flight away. :)

Suldog said...

Got the book. Thank you, so much!

My best repayment can only be to wish you the very best of luck, and I'll say a prayer for your safe travel following the posting of this comment.

Please let us all know how things are going once you've arrived and settled in!

eileen said...

thanks, y'all! i'll update again from melbourne :)

J.R. said...

Bon voyage madame!