Sunday, February 28, 2010

Links: the sciencey, the silly, and the spectacular

Those of you who have worked in any sort of medical research lab are undoubtedly familiar with HeLa cells- the first human cell line that is still commonly used for in vitro studies. However, the story of Henrietta Lacks, from whose tumor the cells originated, is largely unknown. A new book by Rebecca Skloot aims to change that- here's an excerpt. Even thought I'm not much of a non-fiction reader, I found the article fascinating and will definitely pick up a copy of the book at some point.

Nothing's funnier than someone overreacting to a joke about concealed weapons! (thanks, cupcake)

Web-goddess extraordinaire Kris has outdone herself with the prize to this year's Oscar Contest....oh yes, Twilight-themed sock monkeys, complete with a sparkling and broody Edward. I really hope I win.

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Tina said...

omg, the concealed weapons link is HILARIOUS!!!! i've already passed it to my friends. they think i'm weird.