Monday, July 21, 2008

And now for something cheerful and bizzare

If you're a fan of Found Magazine, you'll probably enjoy this portal from Houseplant Picture Studios. Click on an individual book to glimpse the set of described photos, many of which were purchased at swap meets. My personal favorites were the Photos of an Unknown Family Who Probably Owned a Liquor Store, The Player, and the one on the very bottom. Phyllis Diller's wig room? Crazy awesome.

And I need to check out a swap meet one of these days.


J.R. said...

those things are kind of a trip. my personal favorite was brushes with greatness.

bigglesworth said...

i absolutely LOVE the player! i want to be him - can you make that happen, oh hard scientist? i especially loved the pink jacket con frills.

eileen said...

Re: The Player. I'm kind of partial to the white mink.