Friday, July 25, 2008

Na na na na ....Batman!

Took a break from all the science to catch The Dark Knight. I liked it- spooky as hell. It's funny how Batman has been done in so many times, but in so many different ways: campy, cartoony, Tim Burtony, poorly, and in the latest, darkly.

I mean, just compare this:

to this:

I'll skip the plot summary as to not bore those of have seen it and spoil things for those who haven't. Heath Ledger is tragically excellent, and Aaron Eckhart is great as well- that guy just exudes charisma, no matter whom he's playing. Weird that they replaced Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal and gave it the Two Darrin treatment, just pretending like nothing had happened.
I enjoyed The Dark Knight, but I must say, I liked Iron Man better. Anyone else seem them both?


danimal said...

I saw them both. I feel while Iron Man is an entertaining and well-executed film, I also was not expecting much. The Dark Knight lives up to the hype in my opinion. The story was engaging and fresh, the stunts were awe-inspiring, and the performances by Ledger, Bale, and Eckhart were very strong (though Maggie G. was very forgettable). I'd give Iron Man a B+ and Batman an A, but that's just me.

jay said...

Gotta disagree with you there.. Iron Man was good, but this was The Dark Knight was great...

eileen said...

Yeah, I see your points, and I guess the movies tones are very different- Iron Man = fun and Dark Knight = pretty f-ing dark. Agree on the great performances. Do you know what's weird, though? I like Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne but not as much as Batman. I can't get over the voice he does when he's wearing the mask. I know, I know... it's to disguise his identity.

Dude, the pencil scene? Holy cow.

KcM said...

I liked Iron Man, but it's Dark Knight all the way in this corner. Then again, i've always had a soft spot for the Joker...kinda like the soft spot on a baby's head.

(In fact, it's a perfect place for a pencil.)