Friday, July 25, 2008

A savory confession

When people describe something as tasting "savory," I have no idea what they mean. In my mind, it's sort of become a synonym for "meaty," but I think that's just because I've heard people describe meat pies, but not fruit pies, as savory.

Apparently when it comes to taste buds, I only possess the Big Four.

These are the sort of posts that happen when you drink a margarita and then start reading Cooking Light.


Kevin said...

I generally take "savory" to be sort of the alternative choice to "sweet" in certain contexts. If you have a crepe or a pie or whatever, that can be filled with meat, cheese, veg. etc. or with fruit, ice cream, etc. then one would be sweet and the other savory. So you were on the right track with your meat pies (mmmm...).

Anonymous said...

I do believe it can be applied to things with lots of flavor but not sweet. I like to say "delish".