Thursday, May 07, 2009

Today's Trivia

There are 102 of the world's most famous people depicted in this painting (click on it to enlarge). How many can you identify?

I got around 40 on my first pass. I had trouble with men in robes/togas, the Asians (except for the obvious ones, like Mao Zedong), and I swear I saw Genghis Khan like four times.

The whole lab is working on it now, and I have a feeling that by combining forces we'll be able to get almost all of them.


jay said...

Ummm since when is Mao Zedong obvious?

Johanne said...

Quite a lot of them. The first that caught my eye though was Bruce Lee. And there's no mistaking the profile of the original Godfather Marlon Brando.

eileen said...

So far my coworkers are up to 54...some of them are really easy (like Einstein) but there are still so many that don't even look remotely familiar. Oh, and we think we found the artist himself. And one of my coworkers is convinced that it's a "communist painting" because of the abundance of famous communist leaders.