Friday, May 15, 2009

Two for Friday

1. My song is better than your song:

Use Me, by Bill Withers. You're welcome.

2. This weekend, President Obama is giving the commencement address at my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame. His appearance has generated controversy among those who think that the choice of Obama does not reflect the University's Catholic values. I strongly disagree and am proud that our President has accepted the invitation to speak at Notre Dame. Here's an editorial by a recent alumnus that sums up a lot of my thoughts about the issue. First of all, Obama is at odds with the Catholic church on only one major topic, abortion. The rest of his beliefs are pretty well aligned with traditional Catholic values. Secondly, Notre Dame has often invited presidents of our country to the university, and all of them have held positions contrary to the church's teaching. The last President to visit was George W. Bush, who is at odds with the church's staunch opposition to the death penalty. Lastly, Notre Dame is a Catholic university, but it's an univeristy and not a seminary. Students who aren't Catholic receive diplomas, and many non-Catholics are on the faculty. Should President Obama hand out communion at the basilica? Of course not. But should the elected President of the United States give the commencement adress and receive an honorary degree? Absolutely. Frankly, I find the backlash against Obama's visit embarassing. But hey, at least we don't look as foolish as Arizona State!

(thanks to DBC for the links, and a belated thanks to Tom and My Friend Neal for the links from earlier this week!)

Update: Father Hesburgh agrees with me.


S said...

Great song! I'm loving this Friday feature.

I completely agree about the Obama thing. That Daily Show segment is great!

Jeff said...

And you said you weren't intellectual.

eileen said...

Don't worry, more lowbrow content coming soon!

I thought Father Jenkins' intro and Obama's speech were great. Annoying how all the controversy overshadowed the actual students who were graduating, though.