Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh, the humanity

Or: Things I Found At My Grandmother's House, Part 3.

My current abode is riddled with strange, old books. Some are pretty cool, like an edition of The Count of Monte Cristo with my grandmother's signature and the year 1937 signed on the inside cover. Some are pretty random, like a coffee table book about disasters:

Page after page of New York Times covers featuring all sorts of catastrophes, beginning with the great Chicago fire of 1871. (Hi,the Irish? Obsessed with death.) It made for some morbid page-turning, until a friend noticed this subheading on an article entitled "Noted Men Lost on the Titanic":

Major Butt on the list? Disasters be damned, that's some funny stuff.

UPDATE: More on Major Butt!


KcM said...

World's Largest Metaphor Hits Iceberg!

Also, looks like apparently, even then, the media sucked. Bruce Ismay survived. (Which I only know because he's the non-Billy Zane Snidely Whiplash character in the Cameron movie, which I will still admit to really digging.)

eileen said...

Nice catch, Kevin! I wonder if they bothered to print a correction.

Anonymous said...

I agree, nice catch, McG.