Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things I Did This Weekend

- ate sushi

- rode the Lucky Star to NYC (recommended! I usually take the Fung Wah but decided to try another bus, clean, and efficient. Works for me.)

- attended a 1st birthday party in Brooklyn

- visited a friend in Harlem

- went to a stand-up comedy show featuring two guys from the Daily Show (Larry Wilmore and Wyatt Cenac). It was appropriately humorous.

- saw the new Quentin Taratino movie, Inglourious Basterds. Highly recommended! Set in WWII France, the moive has two main plot lines- one features a group of Jewish soldiers (led by a hammy Brad Pitt) terrorizing Nazis. They're good fun and all, but more captivating story centers on a young French woman (played by Mélanie Laurent) who is coerced into showing Nazi propaganda films at the cinema she owns. Overall, Inglourious Basterds was less goofy and less gory than I had expected- the reviews I read made it seem like it was totally over-the-top ridiculousness, which it wasn't at all. (At least not for a Tarantino movie. But Schindler's List it definitely ain't.) Austrian actor Christoph Waltz steals the show as the villian, a cunning and sinister SS henchman. Oh, and a significant portion of the movie was in French or German with subtitles, which I didn't mind but wasn't expecting.

- ate an an Arby's in Connecticut on the way home. Arby's is like the bastard child of a McDonald's and a Subway. Not recommended.


Tina said...

have you tried MegaBus or Bolt?? Free wifi. Makes the 4 hour trip a lot more enjoyable. Don't worry, it may be cleaner but it's still as shady as Fung Wah and Lucky Star (okay, maybe not as shady but it's up there).

Suldog said...

What? You don't like curly fries?

I love the proliferation of various cheap Asian buses. Woo-Hoo! New York for five bucks!

eileen said...

I tried Bolt once but found it to be super disorganized- the bus showed up almost and hour late and there was no one around to tell the passengers what was going on, everyone was just milling about wondering where the bus was. I was pissed! I mean, you're a bus company. Get enough busses to make the trips you have scheduled, on time. And pay someone $8 an hour to stand around with a clipboard and tell people where to line up. Free wifi is nice but I value efficiency most of all, so I'll stick with the chinatown busses. I still need to try Megabus, though.

My Arby's curly fries were mushy. Booo.

timm said...

summer of no!

eileen said...

Summer of maybe?