Thursday, August 13, 2009


Three items that have nothing to do with each other:

1. Like all good Massachusetts democrats, I'm a big fan of the Kennedy clan and was saddened by the recent death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the founder of the Special Olympics, which began as a camp Eunice hosted at her own home. Inspired by the tragic treatment of her sister Rosemary (who was born mildly retarded and further incapacitated after a lobotomy...horrific), she strove to improve the lives of the mentally retarded and change the way society treated them at a time when children with intellectual disabilities were commonly kept behind closed doors or whisked away to institutions. The New York Times has a great article about her life and accomplishments. Regardless of your political beliefs, I highly recommend reading the article- she seems like a great lady who dedicaded her life to helping a group of people who needed an advocate.

2. Legendary Boston rock station WBCN has gone off the air. Although I hadn't listened to the station much over the past several years (their quality had definitely gone way downhill a while ago), WBCN was a staple of my teenage years. I listened to Charles Laquidara on the Big Mattress every morning before high school. The big winner here is WFNX, now the only modern rock station left on the dial in Boston. Unfortunately, the big losers are fans of diversity and choice in radio...over the past few years, Boston radio has lost WBOS, Hot 97.7, and now WBCN, the result being more homogenous radio with less local flavor and a lot more of the same Top 40 songs. For the last four days on air, WBCN brought back all of the old DJs and let them play whatever music they wanted and talk about whatever the felt. And do you know what? It made for excellent radio. Too bad they couldn't have kept it up. Somewhere, Peter Wolf is shedding a single tear.

3. Lastly, remember how I attended my college reunion in June? Well, my friends and I are on the postcard advertising next summer's reunion. So look for us in your mailbox, Class of '00. Note the ridiculous poses:


Anonymous said...

The Kennedy's, on the whole, are bunch of great humanitarians. When their not out killing/raping/pillaging, their lobotomizing their own children. That's just Rose's maternal instinct kicking in.

By the way, when Ted dies and the senate seat is vacant, are we allowed to vote for Ted's successor? Apparently, the Kennedy clan thinks they'll decide amongst themselves who will be the next senator.

While I'm on the subject of Joe Kennedy, excluding John Kerry, is there a more pompous a-hole in the entire state than this dim-witted jerk? Who else would have the balls to petition the church to annul his 13 year marriage to his 1st wife, who incidently bore his twin sons. Is this not definition of selfish? I'm sure his boys are proud of their papa.

Maybe we'll get lucky and Joe will the seat. We'll be blessed with 30 more years of Kennedy leadership.

Liz said...

Notre Dame sent me a PDF of our postcard about an hour after you sent it. Is that nice of them!?

eileen said...

Wow, Liz, I wouldn't have expected such fast results.

Oh, and there's no love lost between Anon and the Kennedy family, it seems. Joe has always struck me as somewhat of a mimbo, so I don't think he's adequate for filling Ted's seat, when the time comes.

timm said...

i didn't realize DCoE was a trolling ground for political ire. eileen, you've arrived!

Liz said...

oh my word... i just read the post above mine.

eileen said...

Haha, yes, I do love the mix of "woohoo postcard" and "the Kennedys are the spawn of satan!!" in the comments on this one.

J.R. and Jessica said...

Hah! I just got back from three months in Asia to a HUGE pile of mail, but far and away, finding that postcard with all you jokers on it was the highlight!