Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DCoE's Return to Glory (coming soon)

Remember how my blog used to be awesome? (okay, my words) And now I hardly ever update anymore, and it's kind of lame? Well, all that's about to change with the arrival of....drumroll, new laptop! See, my new work environment doesn't really allow for internet tomfoolery, and my old personal laptop has been on its last legs for months's so slow I can barely send and email, let alone post pictures and blog entries. And I do have some a photoessay pertaining to a certain boyfriend's hilarious record collections. And there are still durians to be had.

But for now, you can amuse yourselves with this collection of bad yearbook photos. (thanks, Jos!)


buddymollys said...

yay! i'm for one am stoked! oh, and you might want to call apple -- they misspelled "mac book" on your new laptop. it almost looks like it says Dell. weird.

eileen said...

okay, the posting starts soon, i promise! and for the record, black tights don't photograph well.