Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Melbourne is a great city, full of cool cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops where people like me end up spending loads of time and money. But my favorite things in the city aren't museums or landmarks or hipster hangouts, they're the quirky little details, like this old vinegar sign- apparently I'm not the only fan of the skipping vinegar girl.

Here are some more examples:

These neighborhood watch signs- they're all over the place, and something about the logo is just so 1970's, I can't help but love them. They also remind me of the old girl scouts logo. Tagalongs and samoas, anyone?

Melbourne in general and my neighborhood Fitzroy in particular are known for street art. I really like this one of a girl in old-fashioned clothes peeking around the corner.

An lastly, here's giant coin purse sculpture (and yep, that's my mom and I sitting atop it).


Dean said...

The Skipping Girl Vinegar sign needs to be seen at night in all it's animated glory to be fully appreciated:

Dean said...

Sorry ... linkie

nad said...

Looks to me like the street art is Banksy, or at least Banksy-inspired.

eileen said...

I don't think that particular one is Banksy, but he does have several in Melbourne. One recently caused a big kerfluffle when city workers accidentally painted over it.